Coding and the Kitchen Sink

probably figure out, how to make dynamic...

Should probably start using the Page Builder plugin, and then revisit the other main theme chapters im looking at. Like divi, you made a mess of woocommerce, vantage?, zerif, and doing the html5 and bootstrap thing with kermit’s online tutorials. Slide anything.  Would like to use Foundation, and make my own themes, with my own choice of slider, i guess.  Headphones are just fine by themselves.  Downloading the email would be the adult thing to do.  But it makes sense to open them all by hand.  Because of the practice this would entail.  Dont stop coding in the language of the day.  There are several things to compile.  First, let us compile the blackjack Qt application, on cygwin with the libkde libraries. Should probably bring the second laptop on sunday, and update it as much as possible.  That would be cool. 

Second, should be able to compile something locally on fas, like the libxml2 or expat libraries, keep them in /home/ram321, and then install CPAN modules and compile them against the shared libraries i compiled.  Next, i should be able to compile a ncurses based application, like midnight commander mc, in the same manner on MacOS and clang++.  Compile libncurses locally, and then compile mc locally. That would be cool.  But then all these posts would benefit from images, such as memes.  Therefore, headings, and menus, and javascript menus.  And that stupid Exec-PHP plugin and PHP7.  Its stopping the modal javascript pop-ups from working, since the php shortcodes arent working.  Thats absolutely ridiculous.  As is the sony cybershot camera which is missing both its cable and a “memcard duo”, and the card should be at least 8GB, but preferably more than that.  Actually, i forgot to put the wall charger together with the camera, because thats a really stupid thing to do.  Go check the blue bag and find the charger, otherwise you’re screwed.