Saved Some Comic Books

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Saved Some Comic Books

December 16, 2017 Flotsam and Jetsam 0
G&L Auto

Stashed some old comics i found kicking around.  Now one must get around to reading them.  And it appears i need to hide who is authoring by respecting the rules of sentences, since it would be easy to tell otherwise.  Anyway, its apparent that what would benefit the most is some extra content.  Orwell would undoubtedly take issue with some of the unnecessary words we throw in, more often than not, like that last phrase.  But quantity is desirable, and perhaps quality will suffer ein bisschen.  Probably confuses the crawlers.  Constructing some basic outlines, headings, menus, topic trees, also known as outlines, mentioned earlier, is the easiest approach to putting some meat on the bones. Oh, and i realized that a slider for websites is limited if it is limited to sliding just images or video.  In other words, a slider needs to be able to slide HTML content, not just images.

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